Brain Teasing with Riddles

If you are looking to find extremely hard riddles that really require intensive critical thinking to solve, try out some from riddlesdb and you can start with the easier ones as to climb higher the ladder of challenging riddles. These riddles have answers hence if you are completely unable to solve them, you still have a way out and you can use them to challenge your friends or colleagues as well. They are also considered a great test to find out just how smart you are.


Most people often enjoy the simple and easy brain teasers but not you! You can dare to go further and get to challenge your mind with various hard mind games that have almost impossible answers.

There are numerous hard riddles grouped in topics and depending on the area that you feel more interested in you can give it a try. There riddles on math, numbers, logic, who am I, what am I and even more hence you only have to find your area and get started.

Searching on the Internet is one of the easiest ways to find riddles. You simply need to do a quick Google search for hard riddles and you will find a variety of sites with the latest as well as really fun mind games. One such popular site is riddlesdb and it is known to have every type of riddles that will challenge your IQ levels making you become more curious and intelligent as well.

There are also riddle forums or online communities for the riddle lovers who have a fun time interacting with fellow riddle lovers and sharing the best hard riddles. Some of them may also come with answers already while others you might just have to solve them yourself. They are posted with hope that someone as smart as you are can get to solve them.

Riddle magazine or short books are yet other ways to find great riddles as well. You will simply browse through some of these magazines and find the one that best suits your interests. Moreover, there is nothing that is more precious than happiness. Laughter may as well be a great motivation to people who are working when things may seem monotonous

Each and every day, people are coming up with new riddles thus if you are a fanatic, the best you can do is to keep up with the latest updates. The new ones are often more challenging and require to build on your previous thinking and in the process, your mind grows and becomes fond of coming up with creative ideas.

Find a riddle that will challenge you in terms of vocabulary and ability to solve it and in the long run, you will have a fun learning process. They are super great when you involve your friends and together come up with a solution. It is also a good way to pass leisure time, give yourself a break and also relax your mind after a long day of hard work.


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